New Painting

just finished paint big canvas related to animation project.
it's my favorite but can't hold so many big paintings in my little room.

move to big place or sell it. which can be happening soon !?




My beautiful Hiawatha Bike

today was beautiful day to ride a bike.

took a seawall to go to Stanley park.

it refresh my thought and spirit.

my hiawatha bike does good job. ♡♡♡♡


Big THANK YOU for making Year of the Rabbit at GR2 great!!

i couldn't go to L.A. for Giant Robot show. but it sounds like a good show.

oh, i wish i was there the the oping night....

GR's Flickr

Last weekend we had the Year of the Rabbit opening at GR2 and it was a FANTASTIC evening. West LA Animal Services got us started with dog and cat adoptions. Two adult dogs were adopted that night - one who had been sitting in the shelter for 4 months and wasn't going to get much longer. Tons of towels for the shelter animals were donated, and will hopefully continue to be donated!

Art sales were great, and we got SO many compliments on the breadth and quality of work on the gallery walls. Thank you for being a part of it!

The art show is now available online. GR online shop