After Blim Flim

i had a great time at film night.

thank you to all people supported my art show and animation.


artist residence & film event



映画は ☆フラガール☆ です

一度見た方もぜひぜひ♪ Blimで感動をシェアしましょう。

Kasai curate FLIM night on Friday, March 26. Come watch Kasai’s selection of films, and view new works produced during her residency at BLIM; entry fee: sliding scale of $7 - $10.

Blimited: Limited Edition Screenprinted shirt by Kaori Kasai available at Blim for month of March.

Feature: Hula Gilrs [2006] Directed by Sang-Il Lee, Daisuke Habara

This crowd-pleasing true story about another group of misfits tackling another seemingly impossible sport carries surprising dramatic weight thanks to director Sang-Il Lee’s decision to keep the reality of the situation in the foreground. It may not look like it, but Hula Girls was a deserving winner at the Japan Academy Awards.


Artist Talk Today at Blim


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